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Make A Dream Golf Secrets:

Why We Produced Golf Secrets To Improve Golf Swing Techniques

"Make A Dream" came from the fact that the internet is now such a powerful medium for the provision and finding of information, that a "what if" began. What if we could use the power of the internet to make dreams come true for everyone!

What better name, therefore, than to call the parent site "Make A Dream". Along the journey we found others with like-minded ideas, particularly around the "law of attraction", now made into DVD "The Secret". If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it now! Then come back and tell me what you think alongside any questions you may have - I'll be happy to answer them.

Graham Nicholls, founder of Make A Dream Publishing Ltd is also a published author with many articles online about the law of attraction, earning him "expert author" status with in addition to having been given an International Poet of Merit Award a few years ago.

What has all this got to do with golf secrets, you may ask?

Everyone has a dream! For some, this means to play their chosen leisure actively as best they can. And that includes Golf. So, when a colleague had researched the 'net, asking golfers such as yourself, what techniques they most would like to master, this set of DVDs was created, specifically to answer those questions. We quickly realised that we could make this an affordable product and bought the licence for worldwide distribution.

This product will NOT be found on Amazon, eBay or any auction site. The product, in its current format, can only be bought here on this web site. It is not available on the high street, it is not downloadable. You will get bona fide hard copy DVDs that you can play, pause, rewind and watch again and again.

So, now you know a little about the history and intent, be assured that we are sincere in wishing you to have your golfing dreams come true!

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